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Rumor That HBO Hard Knocks Would Have Featured Arizona Cardinals Seems Unlikely

It seems so long ago, but the NFL lockout certainly caused problems for football fans. It also caused problems with at least one network. HBO's "Hard Knocks" visits and films one NFL team's training camp every year. This year it did not happen. However, apparently one person believed that it was possible for the Arizona Cardinals to have been  the featured team up in Flagstaff.

NFL Network reporter Albert Breer tweeted that the Cardinals might have been the Hard Knocks featured team if the lockout had ended a week or so earlier than it did.

As cool as this would have been, count me as a skeptic.

Having Hard Knocks in camp would have been great. No, it would not have been Rex Ryan entertaining, but there would have been plenty of material.

There is the Kevin Kolb storyline they could have followed. Darnell Dockett is always good for something to draw attention to him. More could have seen just how amazing Larry Fitzgerald is. They would have loved Max Hall and his moxie and likability. 

But it probably never would have happened. The Bidwill family I don't think has changed enough to want it there. Darren Urban tweeted that he didn't think that the Cards would do it and that it isn't "a Whiz thing."

For as guarded as Ken Whisenhunt can be about things, I cannot imagine his allowing a TV crew in camp the entire time.

Maybe it would have happened. I think the nation would have found it entertaining. It would have given the Cards some more notoriety. I know I would have loved it. 

In the end, we will never really know...that is, unless it actually happens next season.