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Who Is The Arizona Cardinals' Michael Vick?

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Michael Vick is perhaps the most challenging player to scheme for. Especially after last season, he showed that he can pass the ball very well and that he still is something special when he runs with the ball in his hand. One writer calls this type of player -- the player that you just as an opponent cannot make a gameplan  -- the "V-factor" (for Vick).

An ESPN Insider article went through every single NFL team and found who this player was on each of the teams -- who can opponents not plan for? The Arizona Cardinals naturally have a player like this.

This player is not Larry Fitzgerald, although he is a good choice. We saw how, even when the Pittsburgh Steelers had done all they could to take Fitz out of most plays during the Super Bowl, he still managed to find a space between two defensive backs and split them to score on the touchdown that could have been the winning score. 

But, again, Fitz is not that player according to that article. The Cardinals' V-factor is none else than Darnell Dockett. He is described like this:

Since the seven-year veteran likes Twitter so much, Dockett (and his 80,000-plus followers) should enjoy this 140-characters-or-less description: Can play 1-tech, 3-tech, 5-tech & rush end & is willing 2 stunt inside 2 take out 2 blkrs 2 help teammates get 2 QB.

The truth is that this is the truth. Opposing coaches say that the one player they have  to do the most preparation for is Dockett. 

He is the most disruptive player on the team. Adrian Wilson was probably once this player, but age, injuries and the fact that he struggles in pass coverage takes him a step below Dockett in that respect. 

Is he Michael Vick? No, but he can sack Vick. In fact, in November, they will face off and we will get to see if Dockett can sack Vick. 

I happen to agree that Dockett is that guy. Do you have any other thoughts on the matter? Would Fiz be your guy, or would you go another direction?