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Arizona Cardinals Make More Roster Cuts, Let Go Of Stephen Spach And Quan Sturdivant

With the additions of Chester Taylor, Crezdon Butler and Korey Lindsay to the Arizona Cardinals' roster, Arizona sat at 56 players, three above the roster limit. Cuts had to be made and as a result, two players were released on Sunday to make room for the incoming signees. 

Both Stephen Spach and Quan Sturdivant were released from the roster, but this may not be the last we see of either of them.

Stephen Spach was one of five tight ends currently on the roster and he happened to be the odd man out. Jeff King and Todd Heap are both veterans that pretty much had guaranteed roster spots. Rob Housler, the team's third-round pick, also has too much potential to be released or forced to the practice squad. This made the battle between Jim Dray and Spach. 

Dray, last year's seventh round draft pick out of Stanford, also has potential to be a good producer in this offense, but many speculated at his future due to a pectoral injury he sustained during the preseason. Apparently that injury was not too serious, so the team decided to keep Dray and let Spach find a new home. If there is an injury to any of the tight ends during the year, expect Stephen Spach to be the first man they call (assuming he is still a free agent). 

Quan Sturdivant was another player that was released. He plays inside linebacker, a position already occupied by Daryl Washington, Paris Lenon, Stewart Bradley and Reggie Walker. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt had already been calling out Sturdivant in camp for not being vocal enough, which could have been a contributing factor to his release. He has raw ability, but potential cannot supersede skill when only 53 people can be retained.   

As a sixth round pick by the Cardinals in the 2011 draft, Arizona will hope to retain Quan and put him on the practice squad. He will first have to clear waivers and then the team will have to sign him to a practice squad contract. Once on the practice squad, any team in the NFL has the ability to sign him away at any time to place him on their 53 man roster. 

One more move has to be made in order to make room for the newly acquired players. Many have speculated that that player could come from the defensive or offensive line. Ronald Talley or D'Anthony Batiste would be possible candidates for a release from the 53 man team. Talley would then be eligible to sign with the practice squad once he clears waivers. 

What do you think of these additions and/or cuts? Should the Cardinals have gone down a different road?