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NFL Roster Cuts: Arizona Cardinals Begin To Fill Practice Squad

Now that the Arizona Cardinals have made moves to get down to the required 53-man rosters, the team is now trying to add players they wish to develop to their practice squad. It is not a place where just any player can go, but eight teams can sign up to eight first or second-year players there who have cleared waivers and have not been on an NFL active roster for more than eight games. These players will make a salary of $5700 per week that they are on the squad.

This is why players like Max Hall, Rich Bartel, Jim Dray and Stephen Williams were ineligible. 

The Cardinals have begun to fill its practice squad, mostly with expected players, but with at least one surprise.

To start, according to his agent, receiver Isaiah Williams, who had a very good training camp, signed his practice squad contract on Sunday. This was an expected move. 

DT Ricky Lumpkin, who was another player who was let go in the Cardinals' final cuts, also reportedly is on the practice squad. He was an undrafted rookie that the coaching staff likes. 

The one move that might surprise you was reported later on Sunday. According to Adam Caplan in Philadelphia, center Ryan Bartholomew is going to be added as well to the practice squad. He was undrafted out of Syracuse and is considered undersized at 6-1, 298 lbs. The surprising part of this is that the Cardinals had center Kris O'Dowd in camp and most felt that he would likely be back for the PS. With Bartholomew, I don't know if they will bring back another center.

With the announced cut of sixth-round draft pick ILB Quan Sturdivant, if he clears waivers, he will likely be brought back. Quan is raw and talented but was just not ready for the Cardinals roster. Reggie Walker, who had a very good camp, made the team instead.

I imagine other moves will be forthcoming. Although it has been noted that no undrafted rookie made the team this year, and I think that it is a positive thing because the talent of the team is overall better, having the practice squad is exactly what I like for these talented undrafted players or those drafted players who aren't quite NFL ready. If all goes well, in a year or two these will be potential impact players for the team.