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Arizona Cardinals Season Preview: ROTB On Football Sickness Podcast

With the return of the NFL, RotB has been asked on several occasions to preview the 2011 NFL season for the Arizona Cardinals. As it has happened before, I had the opportunity to record an interview with another site to give my insight on the Cardinals. 

This time it was for the Football Sickness podcast. It was recorded Monday before the depth chart came out. 

We talked about Kevin Kolb. By now you should know I am definitely high on him. We talked about Beanie Wells and Andre Roberts. The offensive line was a topic of discussion. 

I know that you may be sick of hearing what I have to say since much of it is repeated, but I always want you all to see that RotB is in fact a go-to place for Cardinals stuff. 

Give the episode a listen, and as always, feel free to give your two cents. You may agree or disagree with me. I am really hopeful and optimistic about the season.