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Kevin Kolb Is Not A Team Captain, But Is Already A Team Leader

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The "Ken Whisenhunt Way" has always been forcing competition upon multiple players to determine who is the better performer. It is what led to Kurt Warner reaching Hall of Fame status. He had to beat out Matt Leinart. There have been few exceptions to this rule -- Larry Fitzgerald and just a few others. This year, though, Kevin Kolb was given that status.

He was handed the starting job and there comes a lot of pressure with that. Yet, even with the shortened offseason and limited practice time in camp, it appears that he is already well respected by his teammates.

Darren Urban wrote on about how Kolb is already considered a leader, even while he is not a captain.

This is the one thing that has people fired up about. His "intangibles" are off the charts. Not often to former teammates gush about a player, but almost every Philadelphia Eagle player on the record will do nothing but sing praise to Kolb, and more than just the obligatory courtesy that players must show their former teammates. Andy Reid loved him. Cardinals guard Rex Hadnot saw him win over his college team when Kolb took over there at QB.

"You don't just fall in line behind him," Hadnot said. "It takes some earning guys trust. It is also about the other guys being open-minded and receptive to what is going on. That is what both sides here in Arizona have done and done well. Kevin has come in and led by example and inserted himself, and everyone has accepted and respects him."

Apparently, Kolb already has that respect. He also has a lot of pressure placed on his shoulders. Larry Fitzgerald said, "The success of the offense depends on him so we have to be looking to him."

Kolb seems up for the test. As Fitz said, "Kevin has gravitated to the leadership role, he is assertive and demanding in the huddle and even in the meeting rooms."

I have been admittedly the drive of the Kolb bandwagon. I was hoping last October that he would be the guy.

I know the team has not even played its first regular season game, but the start that Kolb is having on the field and in the locker room has me fired up and believing that a trip to the playoffs ins in the cards for Arizona.