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Madden NFL 12: Arizona Cardinals Week One Roster

Today, the roster update for week one of the NFL season was posted for Madden 12. A ton of players were removed to go along with the cuts, and other than a couple of added players not much else was changed compared to the last roster.

The main additions to the Cardinals are running back Chester Taylor (who dropped from a 77 overall to a 75 overall in this update), Cornerbacks Crezdon Butler and Korey Lindsey who are each rated 58 overall, and Punter Dave Zastudil who is a 76 overall and one point higher than Ben Graham.

  Unfortunately, some of the players who were cut and added to the practice squad were removed from the roster. Some players like Quan Sturdivant are still in the game as Free Agents, and some will need to be added back into the game because of a limit to how many people can be in the Free Agency pool. So, if Marshay Green needs to be added back to the Cardinals roster you will need to wait for the next roster update because he is not in the game right now.

Larry Fitzgerald did receive the 100 overall rating for "Spectacular Catch" that he earned in the Club 100 Vote.

As for players who saw some of their ratings change, there wasn't really anything that I could notice. The depth charts were revised though, people like Greg Toler and Ryan Williams who are out for the year are now on the IR and are still on the roster but need to be added back to the depth chart if you want to use them. Patrick Peterson and Richard Marshall are still listed as the Cardinals starters at cornerback (Probably because A.J. Jefferson is still a 66), Paris Lenon and Daryl Washington are also listed as the starters at Linebacker instead of Stewart Bradley and Lenon like before.

If anything notable happens in the next update, it will be posted here as soon as possible.