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Arizona Cardinals/Seattle Seahawks Inactive Report Game Two: Kevin Kolb/Beanie Wells Out

The first day of 2012 ushers in the end of the 2011 season for a majority of NFL franchises, the Arizona Cardinals being no exception, their playoff chances squandered last week in Cincinnati. Their opponents today are division rivals, and another team with a current record of 7 - 8. The Seattle Seahawks come to UOP stadium after a loss last week in Candlestick Park. Their playoff chances sealed in that loss as well.

This game is for pride, for 8 - 8, for division placement. And the last opportunity for players to make their cases for positions in 2012. See who won't get that chance because of injury.

The Kevin Kolb, I mean inactive list for the Cards:

  • QB Kevin Kolb - We all know the reason why. I don't dislike the guy. I want him to get his chance. But I question his physicality. He's missed nearly half a season.
  • RB Beanie Wells - I didn't see this one coming. Perhaps a knee flare up. Perhaps just getting Wells some rest when 7 - 9 and 8 - 8 isn't a big jump. I'll be curious to the reason.
  • FS Kerry Rhodes - It could be the foot active up after playing a full game, or it could again be the 7 - 9, 8 - 8 argument.
  • WR Stephen Williams - Numbers game.
  • WR DeMarco Sampson - Numbers game.
  • OT - D. J. Young - Numbers game.
  • OLB Brandon Williams - Numbers game.
With Chris Wells inactive, LaRod Stephens-Howling ge. The Cards ts the start at RB. This shakes things up for the Cards, as the Seahawks' defense is very stout against the run. Look for the Cards to figure out the run quickly, because they can't throw this onto John Skelton's shoulders. I expect multiple TE looks to help the young QB. Anthony Sherman will see a lot of the field today as both blocker and as a release valve.

And the inactives for the Seahawks:
  • CB Phillip Adams
  • G Paul Fanaika
  • SS Jeron Johnson
  • OT Jarriel King
  • DT Lazarius Levingston
  • QB Josh Portis
  • ILB Malcolm Smith
The Seahawks have no starters out this week. Jarriel King backs up Paul McQuistan at OT. McQuistan struggled with Calais Campbell last time this team met. I expect more of the same this match up, as the Cads defense has found itself since the last go round.

Kickoff is just over an hour away. I'll catch everyone on the flip side.