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1-10-12: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings - QB Coach Miller Fired

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  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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Time for some links, with todays stuff relating to the firing of Miller, the possibility that Haley could come back to the desert, and Manning speculation.

Arizona Cardinals News:

Cards Make Change At QB Coach
Chris Miller let go; no replacement named yet

Word From the Birds Blog - A lot of talk, but nothing concrete
One of the things about the offseason, and instant social media, is that news can break quickly — and events can also seem to play out very, very slowly. Take the Todd Haley-returning-to-the-Cardinals discussion, which reached the public late last week but is now in an apparent holding pattern. (I won’t lie; things around this building always seem like they are going slower when the coaching staff is out, which they will be this week.) Haley, according to multiple reports is exploring options. How quickly he could land anywhere would just be a guess.

Arizona Cardinals have yet to offer a job to Todd Haley
The Cardinals have not offered a job to former Chiefs coach Todd Haley, according to NFL sources, but they remain interested in speaking with him. Changes in the team's offensive staff, however, have started. Quarterbacks coach Chris Miller was fired after three seasons. He had a year left on his contract. "Evaluating where we are, we felt a change at this time was warranted," coach Ken Whisenhunt said Monday evening. Whisenhunt declined to answer questions about changes on his staff, including how he would replace Miller. blogs - Kent Somers - QB coach Chris Miller fired
The Cardinals' offensive woes the past two years were bound to cost a coach his job. And that coach is Chris Miller, who worked with the quarterbacks for the past three years. In a move that's been rumored for about a week, Miller was fired by coach Ken Whisenhunt. Miller had one year left on his deal.

O-line is Grimm: Change on staff should begin up front -
A guest on Arizona Sports 620's Doug and Wolf Tuesday, Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said he will use the next few weeks to make some key decisions. "I'm sure there will be some things around here that I need to clean up," Whiz said. Whisenhunt could have been discussing a variety of things, as he now has to go about putting the 2011 season to bed while preparing for 2012, with minicamps, OTAs, a draft and training camp in between. However, he could also be talking about his coaching staff, and while rumors of Todd Haley's potential return to the desert swirl, there's at least one more coaching staff change that could be considered: Parting with Russ Grimm.

QB coach's firing logical -- if Haley returns - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Kevin Kolb did not meet expectations during his first season with the Arizona Cardinals. Looks like quarterbacks coach Chris Miller will pay the price. The bigger question is whether or not Miller's firing Monday clears the way for Todd Haley's rehiring three years after Haley left the Cardinals to become head coach in Kansas City. Firing Miller makes less sense on the surface unless the team has other plans for its staff.

Peyton Manning and Cards' QB situation - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Bringing an even remotely healthy Peyton Manning into the NFC West would qualify as a dream scenario for one team -- and a nightmare for the three others. Charley Casserly's suggestion that Arizona qualifies as "one team to watch" regarding Manning surely caught Cardinals' fans attention over the weekend. Casserly, now at CBS, worked in the league for years. He has a feel for personnel. Manning-to-Arizona is a long shot, in my view, for the following reasons:

Peyton Manning to the Cardinals? One NFL analyst thinks it's possible -
Are the Arizona Cardinals a QB away from being a contender? With the way the defense played late in the year and the talent at receiver and running back, it's hard to argue against the idea. With that in mind, along with questions about whether or not Kevin Kolb or John Skelton will ever develop into the QB the team needs, another option may present itself this offseason. The player, it so happens, comes equipped with a laser, rocket arm. And a bad neck.

Kurt Warner's feel on Manning, playoffs - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Kurt Warner was always an easy interview. He had to lead the NFL in yards after the question. The retired Arizona Cardinals quarterback was right on target Monday when Sports 620 KTAR in Phoenix asked him about recent speculation suggesting Peyton Manning could land in the desert. The audio includes Charley Casserly's comments on Arizona and Manning. Warner's take was twofold: If Manning is healthy enough to play, Manning will finish his career with Indianapolis. If Manning somehow hits the market, of course the Cardinals should pursue him.

Checking in with Todd Haley on Cardinals - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Passing along: audio for Craig Shemon's Yahoo interview with former Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley. lastname Haley Haley touched upon the possibility of returning to the Arizona Cardinals, where he was offensive coordinator before taking over in Kansas City. "The Cardinals, I love," Haley said. "The Bidwills, Michael Bidwill and Mr. Bidwill, have been nothing but great to me. Kenny Whisenhunt has been nothing but great to me and gave me a great opportunity that I was able to expand on. I love a bunch of the players that are still there and they mean a lot to me." Haley then said he was "trying to decompress" from his head coaching tenure and would be eager to "move forward when it is time" to do so. He was not specific about possibly rejoining the Cardinals.

Best Offensive Touchdowns of 2011
Cast your vote for the best offensive touchdown of 2011 by using the fan poll on the right side of the homepage on

NFL News:

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Who Will Land Robert Griffin III? -
The first weekend of the 2012 NFL playoffs is in the books. Four teams were sent home to start planning their return march to the postseason next year. If those teams, or any others, are going to get there, they'll need a little help culled from the next wave of prospects available in the 2012 NFL Draft. Here we attempt to predict which players will be helping teams reach the next level. (Note: This mock draft assumes there are no trades.)

Romeo Crennel Named Chiefs' New Head Coach -
Romeo Crennel was officially introduced as the new head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. He led the team to a 2-1 record as interim head coach after replacing Todd Haley, who was fired in December.

Josh McDaniels Hired As Patriots Offensive Coordinator -
The Rams have reportedly given the Patriots permission to speak with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels about a role in New England.

Derrick Mason Announces Retirement -
After 15 years in the NFL, Derrick Mason announced his retirement. He most recently played for the Houston Texans until being waived in December.

Hines Ward Denies Retirement Rumors -
Despite reported speculation from some of his teammates, Hines Ward announced that he is not going to retire.

Mapping Tim Tebow's Road to Super Bowl XLVI: What Would God Do? -
Yes, Tim Tebow played well, but the Broncos were also helped by the Steelers' misfortune. Did God play a hand? If so, what else might He do to help Tebow win? (Note: This is for entertainment purposes only. If you plan on taking this seriously, you should probably stop reading now.)

John 3:16 trends again thanks to Tim Tebow -
You'd think that the Tim Tebow story couldn't get any more bananas. You'd be wrong. See, it's not just that Tebow transformed himself into a legitimate passer in the playoffs. Or that Tebow is about to go against the guy who drafted him, Josh McDaniels. How about the fact that the guy who's renowned for writing John 3:16 on his eye black just happened to throw for 316 yards on Sunday in the Broncos win? Because that actually happened.

Ike Taylor: "I apologize for playing the worst game at the wrong time" | ProFootballTalk
Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor, who was repeatedly burned by Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas in Sunday night’s loss, has offered an apology.