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Todd Haley Update: Jets OC Position Reportedly Off The Table

For those Cardinals fans waiting with baited breath for the announcement that Todd Haley has returned to Arizona to take over the offensive coordinator position he once held, things just got a little bit better. While the team clearly wants Haley back and Haley would like to come back, he is considering his options.

Among some of the possibilities, it was rumored that Haley would be a possible candidate for the New York Jets OC position, should Brian Schottenheimer not return.

Schottenheimer didn't return, but Haley did not get the job. According to Chris Mortenson and other NFL sources, former Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano will be named New York's new OC as early as Wednesday. While Sparano and Haley were at one time reportedly marketing themselves as a package deal (Haley for passing game and Sparano for the running game), it does not seem that this is the case.

Haley has not been interviewed for any head coaching positions thus far, but there are still several open OC positions.

Local reporter Mike Jurecki tweeted that Haley still could interview for the OC positions with the Rams, Dolphins, Bucs, Jags and Raiders.

It hasn't happened, and it might not.

However, with the Jets job out of the way, it certainly helps the possibility that Haley will be running the offense in 2012.

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