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ROTB Roundtable: Haley, Manning, and Rookie of the Year

Although the season is over, the ROTB Roundtable series isn't. The Cardinals have managed to stay in the news, although they are done for the season. With all this news comes questions, and the ROTB Writing Staff took their shot at answering three of them.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Rumors have it that Todd Haley will be returning to the Cardinals. Do you think this is a good idea, and how would this affect the team/players?

Tyler Nickel: I think Todd Haley returning to the Cardinals would be great for the offense and the growth of Kevin Kolb and John Skelton. The offense often looked stale under the playcalling of Mike Miller this past season and I think that Haley would add a new dimension and some ingenuity to it.

JoeCB1991: Great idea, it will make the playcalling more creative, and Haley is great with receivers so it will help all the young guys we have.

Jess Root: I was skeptical when the rumors first started long before anything concrete, but I have warmed to the idea. Haley is an established playcaller now, while Mike Miller is still growing into the position. As for playcalling, it is tough to tell how this will affect things. When Kurt Warner was here, the quarterback has said publicly that he changed about half the plays at the line of scrimmage. I imagine that with a healthy Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams, there will be some running, moreso than back in the day.

What I am most excited about is how he will interact with the quarterbacks. I think his personality will be perfect for Kevin Kolb. Kolb is a hard worker and, at least to me, would thrive with Haley's abrasive personality. That is what I am most intrigued by.

Jesse Reynolds: While I am not as high on Haley as others are I think anything we do to try and improve the offense is important. Miller wasn't getting it done (though he was in a tough position juggling two QB's). Where will Haley be? What will his job be? Will we demote Miller? A lot of questions yet to be answered.

Khodder: I don't really think the impact of this move is going to be all that large. The offense is still going to be overseen and be mostly the brainchild of Ken Whisenhunt. Haley is still raw as a playcaller (though admittedly more experienced than Miller) having only done it for two years in Arizona before moving onto KC. The biggest thing that I beleive Haley will bring to this team is his background as a receivers coach. It was his work that allowed Breaston to shine here, it was his work that got Fitzgerald to take an extra step forward from being one of the best to being the best in the NFL. It is he that is going to be working with the likes of Roberts, Doucet, Sampson and Williams and hopefully developing a quality receiving corps.

Cdeveau: All I have from the Todd Haley era are warm fuzzies. This era happened to coincide with the Kurt Warner era. How much of the warm fuzzy feeling I have for Todd Haley is KW’s doing? I cannot tell. I do know he drives people. He is fiery and passionate. And he (according to Steve Breaston) gets the most out of his players. I do know that the Card’s offense the past few seasons has been dull and predictable. If nothing else, his return would be an attempt to alter that style of play call.

2) CBS's Chris Casserley said that Peyton Manning to Arizona would make sense. Although this is just pure speculation, how likely do you think this is, and is adding another aging veteran a good idea, even if it is the great Peyton Manning?

Tyler Nickel: This really is pure speculation on behalf of Charley Casserly, but I would feel good about Peyton Manning coming to Arizona if he is deemed healthy enough to play at a high level still. We honestly do not truly know the status of his neck injury and how that will affect him going forward. He is an all-time great, there is no doubt about that, and if he is good to go, then I would love to see him in Cardinal red. I just wouldn't get too hyped up about it, as it all seems a bit far fetched.

JoeCB1991: I'd put it at 10% likely. Even if Manning was released or traded, some team more willing to open their pockets will be the one to get him. If he is healthy after his neck problems, it would make the Cardinals one of the teams to beat in the NFC for a couple years.

Jess Root: If it is deemed that he can play football and Peyton Manning is available, you at least take a shot. Manning at 75% is better than 2/3 of the quarterbacks in the league, at least. He is one of the best and is smart, so learning an offense would not be as hard on him as other players. While it likely won't happen, you have to. If you are always thinking about the future, you miss out on the now. Even with the unsteady QB play from the past two seasons, would you trade the two year run with Warner for developing a young QB. I wouldn't.

Jesse Reynolds: I am of the mind that Peyton isn't leaving Indy. I know everyone believes that Luck is too good to not start, but if the kid is smart he knows sitting behind Manning for a year or two is going to do nothing but help him in the long run. Aaron Rodgers anyone? If Peyton is cut it is because Indy doubts his health. Would Peyton work here? Of course. We run a complicated offense, Peyton is a field general, he will have Beanie, Ryan Williams, Housler, Heap, Roberts and possibly Doucet (if he resigns). He will also have a good D. Our line sucks, but if Warner could make them look good I am sure Peyton could do it to. I just don't see it happening.

Khodder: If we could sign Manning to a reasonable contract after he had been cut by the Colts I would be all for it, neck injuries and all. You cannot overstate what an elite quarterback can bring to any NFL team and getting one the caliber of Manning even if it was for 2-4 seasons would make this team an instant Superbowl contender year in a year out for the span he was here. Unfortunately I don't think the scenario is all that likely. The contract he would demand IF he was cut from the Colts would be in the region of $20M/Season and that is a big if, we cannot afford that along with what we are paying Kolb, and I have no doubt that he is with this team opening day 2012.

Cdeveau: I struggle with this. Was Peyton Manning one of the best ever? Yes. Did his surgery put the Colts on the ropes this year? Yes. What would it cost the Card’s to even be in the equation? More money? Draft picks? And if they make the move and he is sidelined again, how far back does that set the organization that already ponied up a bunch of dough a player, and a pick for a guy who was injured half of the season? I just don’t see this move making sense for the Cards.

3) Patrick Peterson was nominated for Rookie of the Year, and will have to compete with players like Cam Newton and Andy Dalton. What are his chances of winning, and do you think he deserves to win?

Tyler Nickel: I am as big of a Patrick Peterson fan as the next guy, but I think with him going up against Cam Newton, his chances of winning are slim. Peterson did a lot of great things -- both on defense and on special teams -- for this Cardinals team, but I think the award has to go to Newton for what he was able to accomplish.

JoeCB1991: I don't think he has a good chance at winning the overall rookie of the year award, but he should get a shot at the defensive rookie of the year award.

Jess Root: He has a chance...that's about it. He doesn't have the notoriety of a big market or a high profile position. Yes, he has the punt returns, but he hasn't been an impact player on defense. Based on the other rookies on the list, no he doesn't deserve it. Cam Newton and Aldon Smith were huge for their teams, as was Andy Dalton. Since there are two QBs, you have to figure that it will go to one of the two.

Jesse Reynolds: As well as Peterson played towards the end of the year, he has no chance of winning it and doesn't deserve it compared to Newton, Dalton, Green and Aldon Smith. Newton set several rookie records, Dalton revived a doormat franchise, Green helped Dalton and looks like the next Megatron/Fitz/Johnson type of WR and Aldon Smith almost set the rookie sack record. Tough company to compete against. In the end does it even matter? I don't think so because Peterson is going to be the next Champ Bailey. A physical, lockdown CB that will be in the probowl for years to come.

Khodder: He should not have a shot at winning it. He has been incredible on Special Teams for the Cardinals being the difference in games against the Rams twice and the Panthers, but in the entire scope of the league he has not been all that impressive in coverage as a defender (Though he has been handed some very difficult assignments), and when you look at what Von Miller has done (Arguably the best 43 OLB in the league in 2011) and Cam Newton (Reinvigorating a stagnant offense) and even close to home with what Aldon Smith has done in limited playing time in San Francisco. He would not be in my top 5 most likely, behind at least the three already mentioned and the pair of rookies in Cincinnati Dalton and Green.

Cdeveau: There were a lot of rookies this year with wow factor. Cam Newton re-invigorated the Panther’s franchise, and trust me, he will be a factor for years. Andy Dalton wasn’t even on the radar coming out of daft day, and behind his ability to get the ball to the Bengals’ other rookie, A.J. Green, the team pushed into the playoffs. Von Miller, the OLB out of Denver had a fantastic season notching up 11.5 sacks. Sure Patrick Peterson tied a NFL record for four punt returns. He grew into his role as number one corner, but still has room to improve. While it would be nice to see him win rookie of the year, I feel that other rookies this season had more involvement in the team’s success.

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