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1-11-12: Around the NFC West: Playoffs, Flynn, and Jeff Fisher

Another day, more news. As usual all 4 teams are in different places. The Cardinals have a small coaching decision, the Rams are awaiting word of Jeff Fisher, the Seahawks are talking the Draft, and the Niners are in the playoffs. Hit the jump to find out what's up in the west.

Seattle Seahawks:

Robert Griffin III: RGIII Seeks NFL for S&M (Starts & Money) - Field Gulls
Robert Griffin III is declaring for the 2012 NFL draft, which means it's time for mating season and the ladies are lining up!

A Look at Green Bay QB Matt Flynn, Part IV - Field Gulls
The final part of the Matt Flynn scouting report, including the rest of the Lions game and conclusions.

A Look at Green Bay QB Matt Flynn, Part III - Field Gulls
The penultimate part of a Matt Flynn scouting look, including the first half and then some of the Lions game.

2012 NFL Draft, Scouting for the Seahawks: Talking Quarterbacks With Rob Staton - Field Gulls
For the purpose of discussion hit Rob up for his opinion on some things as they stand now, assuming things will change between now and Draft day with Free Agency, the Combine, and other factors coming into view.

2012 NFL Draft: Potential 5-tech Targets for the Seahawks - Field Gulls
You're little. He's big. Bad news for you. Check out my LEO and OLB prospects if you haven't already. I think this series has lacked a bit of structure thus far so I'm going to more clearly define...

San Francisco 49ers:

49ers Vs. Saints: Roman Harper Sits Out Practice - Niners Nation
We break down the news that Saints safety Roman Harper is dealing with an ankle sprain.

Mel Kiper Re-Grades 49ers 2011 NFL Draft Class - Niners Nation
We take a look at Mel Kiper's comments about the 49ers 2011 NFL Draft Class.

49ers Vs. Saints: A Closer Look at the Saints Run Game Statistics - Niners Nation
Taking a closer look at the New Orleans Saints rushing numbers in order to gain some perspective about the upcoming matchup against the San Francisco 49ers.

Payton vs. Harbaugh - Niners Nation
Fooch's Note: This is an excellent FanPost and I wanted to get it on the front page. Also, the 49ers coaches and players are conducting press conferences, again available at Jim...

Who Needs to Have a Big Day Against the Saints Version 117 - Niners Nation
Who needs to have a big day on Saturday for the 49ers? My answers here.

2012 NFL Playoffs: Drew Brees "Versus" Alex Smith - Niners Nation
We break down the primary notable weakness of Saints QB Drew Brees.

St. Louis Rams:

Jeff Fisher: Undecided, Leaning Miami, Decision By Thursday Morning - Turf Show Times
What should the St. Louis Rams do if Jeff Fisher does say no?

Parsing The Latest Speculation On Jeff Fisher - Turf Show Times
The football world in waiting on Jeff Fisher to make a decision.

Todd Haley: Worth a Look by the St. Louis Rams? - Turf Show Times
Todd Haley: Worth a Look by the St. Louis Rams?

Jeff Fisher, The Rams And Los Angeles - Turf Show Times
The St. Louis Rams are still waiting on Jeff Fisher to make a decision. Their lease and the lure of Los Angeles could be a deciding factor.

Rams Will Interview Saints Assistant Coach Aaron Kromer For Head Coaching Position - Turf Show Times
The St. Louis Rams continue to line up head coaching candidates. The latest candidate is Aaron Kromer of the Saints.

Rams To Interview Rob Chudzinski For Head Coaching Job - Turf Show Times
The St. Louis Rams will interview Rob Chudzinski for their head coaching vacancy. Is he a fit?

Has Jeff Fisher Picked The Dolphins? - Turf Show Times
Reports are surfacing that Jeff Fisher has picked the Miami Dolphins.