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Two Arizona Cardinals Coaches Offered Contracts Have Not Yet Re-signed

So far, the offseason has been fairly quiet for the Arizona Cardinals. Yes, Ray Horton interviewed for a head coaching position with the St. Louis Rams and Todd Haley might return, but the team is waiting. However, there are a pair of coaches that the Cardinals also want to retain for 2012 who have not yet signed the deals they were offered.

One of those names might surprise you.

The two coaches are assistant head coach (and offensive line coach/running game coordinator) Russ Grimm and TE coach Freddie Kitchen.

According to a Mike Jurecki tweet on Tuesday, both coaches were offered two-year contracts. At the time, I personally thought they had also signed.

It so turns out that they have not.

Kent Somers tweeted Wednesday afternoon that the situation with Grimm and Kitchens might be worth monitoring, as neither have signed contracts.

He did note that they have been on vacation (the coaching staff is off this week), but that there were no assurances they would be returning.

It would seem hard to believe that Grimm would go anywhere unless got a head coaching job. After all, it is rumored that the Cardinals front office is absolutely enamored with the Hall of Famer.

Likely, this is a case in which the contract offers came when they were out of town. We will probably hear that when they return next week that they are signed.

However, it might be something to keep an eye out for. We will see.

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