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Arizona Cardinals Work Out More Potential Camp Bodies

As the league year has not yet started, where real free agency begins, the Arizona Cardinals continue looking at young players who were not under contract at at the end of the season. After bringing back receiver Isaiah Williams with a future contract for 2012, the Cardinals reportedly worked out another pair of players.

Reporter Aaron Wilson, who covers the Baltimore Ravens tweeted that Arizona had reportedly worked out cornerback LeQuan Lewis and tight end Jamie Petrowski.

For those of you familiar with Arizona State football, you may remember Lewis. He was a Sun Devil who most notably could return kicks. He has great speed.

Petrowskie is, as former Carolina Panthers beat writer Darin Gannt described as a blocker. He was on the Indianapolis Colts roster in 2006 and 2008, but never caught a pass of any sort. He was signed to join the Panthers in camp in 2010 but did not make the team.

These are almost certainly just players they might sign to be camp bodies. They have not been signed.

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