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Why The Arizona Cardinals Should Not Bring Back Todd Haley To Be Their Offensive Coordinator

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Yesterday, I wrote a post detailing some reasons as to why Todd Haley would be an excellent candidate for the Arizona Cardinals to consider as their offensive coordinator. Among those reasons were that he works well with young players to develop them, he brings ingenuity to his offensive playcalling and the plays he does call are executed with precision by the players involved.

Today, I want to play devil's advocate and go over the apprehensions the Cards should have before re-hiring Haley. After the jump, let's take a look at some of those reasons, as well as my take on whether or not Haley would fit back in the desert.

We know some of the history and the numbers behind what the offense was able to do while Todd Haley was here as offensive coordinator before, but how much of that can we actually attribute to him? When the Cardinals made their Super Bowl run after the 2008 regular season, it was due to an explosive offense, but that offense was led by a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Kurt Warner.

Many feel that Warner is the sole reason for all of Arizona's success. His ability to read the defense and get the ball out of his hands quickly behind a shoddy offensive line was crucial to their winning ways. Basically, the sentiment was that Todd Haley (and the rest of the coaching staff, for that matter) piggybacked off of Warner's abilities and success.

Since the glorious back-to-back NFC West championships in 2008 and 2009, the Cardinals have now moved on to a different set of quarterbacks. Kevin Kolb was brought in this past offseason to be the new signal caller and when he was healthy, he often struggled making the throws and standing strong in the pocket. Many feel that with a full offseason filled with OTAs and mini-camps, Kolb will gain a firmer grasp on the playbook and use his newfound tools to lead this team in 2012.

But if Haley comes to town, Kolb will be forced to start from scratch. Anything he had learned prior will be thrown into the wind and he will be forced to learn a completely new --and possibly more complex-- set of plays. There is the possibility that this could set Kolb back even further and stunt his development.

Last season, Mike Miller was officially named the team's offensive coordinator, relieving Ken Whisenhunt of his playcalling duties. Miller did struggle with his new role at times, which was evident by how the offense played. The team's passing and rushing ranks were 17th and 24th in the league respectively. But is one year a large enough sample to justify replacing someone? The Raiders apparently think so.

By hiring Haley, the Cardinals would essentially be demoting or possibly firing Mike Miller. Given the talent and new faces he had to work with, that decision may be a bit hasty. Allowing him to work with the team for at least one more year and to search for improvement is not a doomsday scenario.

Finally, Haley has already been through Arizona, using his job here as a way to move on to greener pastures and become the head coach in Kansas City. Why should the Cards hire him back if he was the one that left the organization in the first place? Wouldn't he just leave the club out to dry again if another opportunity came about? I guess such is life in the NFL, but loyalty often goes a long way in today's world.

As for me, yes, I think the Cardinals should bring back Haley. His ability to do all the things mentioned in the top paragraph far outweigh the cons that his arrival would bring to the table. I am pretty certain that he never burnt any bridges when he left for the Chiefs and that the players would welcome back his expertise with open arms. I also believe that Kevin Kolb, John Skelton and any other quarterback on the Cardinals roster would highly benefit from Haley's knowledge and the manner in which he runs the offense.

What do you think, Cardinals fans? Would it be the right move for Arizona to bring Todd Haley back to be the team's offensive coordinator? Leave your comments below and don't forget to vote in the poll.

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