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Will Russ Grimm Return To Arizona Cardinals Coaching Staff?

There have been rumors floating around that several teams are looking at Russ Grimm. His contract has expired he has yet to re-sign, but reportedly has a two-year offer on the table from the Arizona Cardinals. Many of us believed it was due to the week off, but after hearing the teams interested, fans should either be rejoicing that he's possibly leaving, or having restless nights of his potential departure. Hit the jump to find out the possible teams.

An article recently released on by writer Jason LaCanfora let loose that Grimm could end up on the staff of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Grimm is a close friend to current Jacksonville OC Mike Mularkey. With him putting together a new coaching staff, Grimm is possibly the biggest name on his list as an assistant head coach, an offensive line coach, or an assistant coordinator. Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt is also one of his closer friends and Grimm will have a choice to make.

Another teams name being thrown around is the Washington Redskins. We all know of his obvious relationship with the team, seeing as he was inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year as an offensive lineman for the famous "Hogs". He would be returning home, and his title would more than likely be nothing more than offensive line coach.

The final team being thrown around is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A few sources say that this isn't true and others are saying there may be some fact. So as of now there are two teams that are known to be interested in Russ Grimm.

One thing that will likely be a factor is that of compensation. The Cardinals paid him $1.5 million as an assistant head coach. As an assistant/coordinator, he is not as likely to find that kind of money elsewhere. That alone could keep him around, especially since we know that the team wants him on the staff.

What do you think? Should Russ Grimm find a job elsewhere, or should he finish what we need him to do in Arizona, and that being to build an offensive line?