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Divisional Playoffs Observations And Reactions Open Thread

What a crybaby...
What a crybaby...

The unthinkable happened. The two most high-powered offenses in the NFC went down in the same week. The New York Giants dominated the Green Bay Packers, while the Niners took advantage of five turnovers to just get by the Saints, scoring the winning touchdown with nine seconds left in the game.

Over in the AFC, Tom Brady was in full "eff you" mode, throwing six touchdowns against the Denver Broncos. He even punted the ball late in the game. The Ravens held off the Houston Texans, as the game just was too big for T.J. Yates.

This thread is for you to share your thoughts and observations about the games of the weekend.

What did I see?

For one, I am very impressed by the Giants. I predicted a New York victory, but they completely dominated. Their defense, now healthy, is doing what it is designed to do -- get to the quarterback. And Eli Manning proves that he is elite. Is there any doubt after this year?

I didn't watch the second half of the Broncos/Patriots game, as I watched a movie with my kids, but when I turned it off it was 28-7 with two minutes left in the half.

Tom Brady still has it. He is as motivated as he has ever been.

Tim Tebow? Well, he has to have a defense keep things close to be effective, apparently. And as much as people like him, with an offseason to look at film, no one is going to be fooled next season.

It was affirmed to me how much I dislike Vernon Davis, although he has come a long way from Mike Singletary's "I want winners!" tirade. That hit he took at the goalline when he caught the ball was as vicious as I have seen a guy get hit, and the ball didn't even wiggle. That is ball control.

Isn't it interesting how in a game when both teams are just punching each other in the mouth and struggling to score touchdowns can turn into a barnburner in the last four minutes of the game.

Ravens/Texans? I am amazed how well some teams can run the ball. Houston's offensive line with Arian Foster really is something special. As for T.J. Yates, what could you really expect? He's a rookie QB on the road in the playoffs. That is what usually happens.


Now is your turn. What did you see?