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Arizona Cardinals 2011 Season Grades: The Offensive Line

We continue our look at the different positions on the Arizona Cardinals and grading their 2011 performance. We already have looked at the quarterbacks. You, the readers, graded them at a "C." The running backs you gave a "B." The receivers grade was interesting. I gave them a "C." Your votes were almost equal for three different grades -- a "B", "D" and "F." I don't see how a group that includes Fitzgerald can get an F. But that was the winning choice by just a small margin.

Today we look at the offensive line -- our favorite thing to criticize.

At first glance you can say that the offensive line was atrocious. They allowed 54 sacks, the second most in the NFL. They allowed another 86 hits.

They were more successful running the ball. They averaged 4.2 yards per carry, 17th in the league.

They were penalized 20 times.

However, in the pass protection aspect, we need to remember that both Kevin Kolb and John Skelton played themselves into many of those sacks. That does not excuse the fact that sacks happened 54 times, but it is a factor to consider.

Brandon Keith struggled mightily. Jeremy Bridges was serviceable at best. Levi Brown was awful at the start of the season, but became pretty good in the second half. Daryn Colledge was not as advertised. Rex Hadnot started strong, but tailed off some. Lyle Sendlein was the only one on the line that PFF graded positively for the season.

Now for the actual grade. In pass protection, an F would be too easy. D- is what I give because of the quarterback factor.

Overall, the line gets a D from me. They almost fail in pass protection, but in run blocking they were more effective. For that, they don't fail. But a D is still bad.

What do you all think?