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Gregg Williams To Rams As DC, What Should Cardinals Fans Think?

The St. Louis Rams are getting their coaching staff put together finally. Jeff Fisher has agreed on a five-year contract and they also have decided on a defensive coordinator. Gregg Williams, who had been the defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, has agreed to move to the Rams and do the same job.

The important question now is -- how does this affect the Cardinals and what should the fans think?

Williams is supposedly very close to Jeff Fisher. In his tenure with the Saints, his defenses were the opportunistic type. They could give up a lot of yards, but would generate turnovers. That is one reason they have their Super Bowl championship.

However, his defense also gave up two 80+ yard TD drives late in the game to Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers. It was a performance like this that got Clancy Pendergast fired by the Cardinals after their Super Bowl run.

Now, as noted on Turf Show Times (our Rams blog), the Rams have more talent on the defensive side of the ball than the Saints.

Should Cardinals fans be worried? Not really. The 49ers already have an elite defense. The Seahawks defense looks like it could be a big deal and the Cardinals defense is also solid. Basically, if the Cardinals are prepared to play the Niners and Hawks, then there is no need to get fired up about the hiring of Williams.

Does this hiring worry you at all as a Cards fan? Or do you even care who coaches Sam Bradford and the Rams? (Make sure to leave some comments below!)

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