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ROTB Roundtable: WR, Draft, and Superbowl picks

Although off-season news is slow for the Cardinals right, the never-ending stream of questions is still going strong. This week, the ROTB Writing Staff tackled three of those questions, ranging from Cardinals news to non-Cardinals guesses.

Hit the jump for the questions, their answers, and of course, don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comment section.

1) Many people have mentioned the need for a #2 WR. Do you agree, and if so, who do you think the Cardinals should target?

Tyler Nickel: Yes, I think a #2 WR would help the Cards, but I don't see them drafting one in the higher rounds. If they do, maybe they can try and trade down to grab Michael Floyd from Notre Dame and some extra picks.

Jesse Reynolds: I really do not think we need a second WR. Inconsistent QB play and poor protection has led to poor performances from the WR's behind Larry. I believe the WR options we have are more than adequate we just need our QB to play consistently and our line to give our QB time to make a throw. 52 sacks, a 21 TO's and under 60% completion % says more to me than poor numbers from everyone behind Larry.

Jess Root: Need? They need someone to emerge or get someone to step up. Andre Roberts can be that guy if he doesn't take the first half of the season off again. If the team were going to acquire someone, my three favorite FA targets would be Pierre Garcon, Mario Manningham or Jerome Simpson.

JoeCB1991: Yeah I would like to see them target someone to help take pressure off of Fitz. Colston from the Saints would be my favorite choice but there will be plenty of good WR's out there who could be signed.

Alex Mann: I'd grab someone off of FA such as Pierre Garcon, cheap and can still produce, just long enough for someone on our current roster to emerge.

Cdeveau: I do agree that they should look for a #2 WR in free agency, after they re-sign key contributors here (Calais Campbell, Richard Marshall, The Hypehen) and shore up the O Line. Do those things first and if the money is right, find us a reliable #2. With an off season which should lead to the coming around of the TE corps, a #2 WR is a nice, but not at every cost possible. I still like Robert Meachem from NO if the opportunity is mutually beneficial. Garcon has been mentioned by other writers, and he is also a very plausible choice.

2) As draft talk starts to pick up, who, or what position, do you have in mind for the Cardinals?

Tyler Nickel: I would think that offensive line has to be the biggest concern for the Cards. Both of the tackle positions are of some concern and could use some upgrading via the draft.

Jesse Reynolds: I am a big believer in BPA. Even though I said we don't need a WR, if somehow Justin Blackmon dropped to us we would be foolish to pass up his kind of talent. Hopefully Reilly or Martin drops to us so we can plug them into RT. If not I think Luke Kuechly would be a great pick up. I just do not want a repeat of Buster Davis and Levi Brown, reaching for players almost always turns around to bite you in the behind.

Jess Root: I don't have any particular one player targeted yet. However, I want the team to pick the best impact player available at safety, linebacker or offensive line. With the variety of positional needs, it allows the team to still use the "best player available" method while filling a need.

JoeCB1991: Offensive Line or Outside Linebacker are the biggest needs, so one of those.

Alex Mann: Best Player Available. After looking at a lot of Draft Boards, Kendall Wright, Jonathan Martin, Melvin Ingram, and Courtney Upshaw should be falling to us. Michael Floyd might be there too so if he's there I see him as a Larry Fitzgerald kind of Receiver, I'd grab him.

Cdeveau: In the first round, at number 13...BPA, but I really struggle with liking Jonathan Martin as anything more than a RT in the NFL. Who I really like is the other Stanford lineman. David DeCastro, the guard. Please front office. Please. Snatch him up if he is there.

3) A non-Cardinals related question, but what are your Superbowl picks?

Tyler Nickel: I think the 49ers (unfortunately) and the Patriots make it to the big game with the Pats taking home the Lombardi trophy.

Jesse Reynolds: I have the Giants and Ravens in a defensive brawl. While I have little faith in the Ravens offensive coordinator and even less faith in Joe Flacco, I think the Ravens have what it takes to win. The 49ers could barely score on the Saints and had the help of 5 TO's, so I have a feeling the Giants take this one. The Patriots beat an overrated Denver team and have a terrible defense; I think the Ravens defense holds stout and beats up the Patriots defense with physical play.

Jess Root: I have a rematch of Giants/Pats now. And this time Tom Brady exacts his revenge.

JoeCB1991: A rematch of Superbowl 42

Alex Mann: Niners and Ravens... Ravens win it and Boldin gets his SB ring.

Cdeveau: The Ravens and the Giants. I'd be interested to see those two defenses slug it out on Flacco and Manning.