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Arizona Cardinals OL Daryn Colledge Has Surgery On Elbow

Injuries are a normal thing to deal with in the NFL. The offseason is a good tie for players to take care of nagging injuries. Sometimes we don't even know about the injuries. Take the 2010 season. It turned out that safety Adrian Wilson had played most of the year on a bad hip abductor.

Offensive lineman Daryn Colledge had one of those injuries that people did not know about, not only his teammates.

On his Twitter accouint (@daryncolledge), Colledge announced seemingly ut of the blue a surgery he was going to have on his elbow.

On Wednesday he announced, also on Twitter:

Surgery went great. Heal fast, the Cards deserve me at 100% this off season and regular season. A whole new year and a whole new me. Pumped!

If his injury was one that affected his blocking, it wasn't something known by his teammates. Beanie Wells, Ronald Talley and D.J. Young all tweeted asking what he had done.

Apparently it wasn't that serious.

I was curious because of the fact that I had never heard anything about it before. He responded back, informing us that it was an issue he had for a couple of seasons. He indicated that the surgery was due because he felt it limited his movement. He said he took a shot to that arm during the preseason.

In any case, hopefully he will get that squared away so he doesn't have to go feel limited in his blocking.

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