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2012 NFL Draft Order: Arizona Cardinals Set To Have No. 13 Pick

The Arizona Cardinals finished their season 8-8, quite the feat considering their 1-6 start. With the win, Arizona finished the season in second place of the NFC West and a 4-2 division record. It also cemented their spot in the 2012 NFL Draft. By finishing 8-8, Arizona will have the 13th selection overall.

There was certainly a small sentiment around Cardinals fans that secretly would not have minded a Cardinals loss for the sole purpose of better draft status; however, a loss would have done very little.

Finishing 7-9 would have only moved them up two slots to number 11. This makes the win even nicer.

What does the number 13 pick mean?

Well, if you are superstitious, you probably don't like the pick. Cardinals fans, though, have a special feeling for number 13, as it was the number that Kurt Warner wore.

As for some successful picks at number 13, thanks to one of ROTB's Twitter followers, we have a solid list: Brian Orakpo, John Abraham, Takeo Spikes and Tony Gonzalez. Not a bad list. I haven't looked up other poor picks, so we'll just leave the good ones for now.

If we are to go by Mel Kiper's big board, the 13th best player rated is Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o.

We can now officially start speculating as to who will be the Cards' pick. Be looking out for our draft coverage.

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