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Arizona Cardinals Running Game And Play Direction

Over the past few days, I have been pulling up some data from the league on the Arizona Cardinals and their running game. We have discussed playcalling tendencies and third down success (or lack thereof). Today we pull up the Cardinals' tendency with the direction of their run plays and the success they had.

Are you ready?

The Cardinals had 375 running plays. They were most likely to run the ball two ways. Over half of the carries went over left tackle or up the middle. 28 percent of the carries (105)went through Levi Brown. It was the second largest number of carries by a team in that direction. They averaged 4.19 yards per carry.

25.6 percent of the carries went up the middle (96). Up the middle they averaged 3.63 yards per carry, which was near the bottom of the league.

After that, 54 carries went over right tackle and the Brandon Keith/Jeremy Bridges combo. Next were 43 carries over right end and 39 over left end.

The Cardinals ran the ball much less frequently over their guards. The had tremendous success running the ball over left guard, averaging over seven YPC. The issue? They only ran in that direction 21 times.

Over right guard the Cards ran the ball 17 times.

What do I get from it all? Apparently, they did not like running in Rex Hadnot's direction. And they like Levi Brown.

I have often wondered, considering the success, why they did not run more over left guard.

Is there anything else we can get from this data?