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St. Louis Rams To Play In London For Three Seasons

Remember the days when the Arizona Cardinals didn't sell out their stadium? Seems like a while ago. It was that sort poor showing by fans at home that led to the Arizona Cardinals to lose a home game in 2005 and play one game in Mexico City. Something similar is happening in St. Louis with the Rams. Beginning this next season in 2012, the Rams will play one home game a year for three seasons in London, at Wembley Stadium.

Obviously, this is good for the league and for the Rams' bottom line. However, the home fans lose a game they could go to. Now the team is going to refund season ticket holders one game's worth of money, but it is difficult to deal with.

On the plus side, for those fans that only watch on TV, it actually could be beneficial. If the Rams are not selling out games, the fans at home lose out. Taking one home game and putting it in a stadium where you know will sell out will make those fans happy.

This next season it will be against the New England Patriots. Could the league viably schedule a Cardinals/Rams game in London? Not likely because of the international draw, but perhaps it does happen.

This stinks because of travel and we know how the Cardinals tend to play on road trips. However, it wouldn't exactly be a home game for the Rams. So that would almost be a wash.

The question to you is how you think this might affect the Cards and the division?

With this move, does it make it more or less likely that the team gets moved to Los Angeles?

Let us know in the comments.

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