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Arizona Cardinals 2011 Season Grades: The Full Report Card

Over the past couple of weeks, we have looked back at each position group of the Arizona Cardinals and have given them grades. We also polled the community to see if there was any difference. I think we can all agree that with an 8-8 record on the season, that we are going to see some mediocre grades on the whole, despite the second half run the team put on.

Since the posts were spread out, let's go ahead and look at them all again and compare the grades you all as the community and how Tyler and I doled out grades ourselves.


Writer grade: C, reader grade: C (56 percent)

We all seemed to agree that mediocre was the theme.


Writer grade: B, reader grade: B (62 percent)

It was a good year. We were all on the same page, it seems.


Writer grade: C, reader grade: crazy (27 percent F, 25 percent D, 25 percent B)

You were all over the map. I don't see how it is even logical to give a group that includes Larry Fitzgerald an F -- or really even a D. Early Doucet had a career year, albeit not superb. Andre Roberts made big contributions in the second half of the season.


Writer grade: D-, reader grade: 41 percent D, 39 percent F

This is completely reasonable. Your poll did not have plus or minus grades, so it could not have been teh same, but the split says you agreed more or less.


Writer grade: C-, reader grade: C (49 percent)

Injuries played a huge part in the lowering of the overall grade. The potential for an 'A' group is definitely there.


Writer grade: A-, reader grade: B (53 percent)

Again, we are splitting hairs. The obvious strength of the team


Writer grade: C+, reader grade: B (60 percent)

The reader grade is undoubtedly swayed by the play late in the year when the defense was effective and Joey Porter was no longer in the lineup.


Writer grade: D+. reader grade: 34 percent D, 33 percent C

Again with a writer plus/minus grade, the readers split the two letter grades around it. We think mostly alike.


Writer grade: B+, reader grade: A (53 percent)

Patrick Peterson's returns and Calais Campbell's field goal blocking give big extra credit to an average kicking and punting game, and to a forgettable season in kickoff returns.


There you have it. We are not too different in our thinking. Is there anything left to say about what went well/not so well with each position's play as a group?

Definitely keep discussing it, as we will close this series.

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