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Arizona Cardinals Free Agency: Should Chester Taylor Stay Or Go?

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With the offseason now in full swing for the Arizona Cardinals, the team will be forced to make plenty of decisions in order to not only bring in new players, but also to decide which 53 guys are deserving of a roster spot in 2012. Many of the players already on the roster will be free agents once the free agency period begins on March 13th.

Here is the list of all the players that the organization will have to make a decision on. Starting today, Revenge of the Birds will be running a series that goes through each free agent player and asks the simple question of whether or not the Cardinals should keep them around.

After the jump, let's look at our first candidate- Chester Taylor.

First of all, let's note one thing. There will be only one player that we will not cover during this series and that player is defensive end Calais Campbell. Although Campbell is set to become a free agent, there is absolutely no chance that the team lets him get away. If they cannot come to an agreement on a contract extension, then the franchise tag will undoubtedly be placed on the former University of Miami pass rusher.

Ok, now on to the guy that might be in serious jeopardy. Chester Taylor was brought on right before the season started last September. Ryan Williams, the second round draft pick of the Cardinals in the 2011 draft, went down in the preseason with a torn patella tendon, forcing Arizona to sign an additional running back to fill his role.

At the time, Taylor was considered the best option available on the market. His experience from being on teams around the league coupled with his ability to be a good third-down running back made him appealing to the team.

By the end of the season, Taylor only carried the ball 20 times for a total of 77 yards. The veteran played in 12 games for the Cardinals, starting in one against Seattle in week 3. His time on the field was relatively unnoticed by fans and his impact was minimal.

With Williams set to return for next season, Taylor's presence becomes redundant. Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem that Taylor has much left in the tank and there are just too many young options available that could have a greater impact. Because of that, I highly doubt Taylor will be back, nor do I think that he should.

What do you think, Cardinals fans? Should Chester Taylor be re-signed as a member of the Birdgang? Leave your comments below and don't forget to vote in the poll.

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