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ROTB Roundtable: QB Coach, Runningbacks, and Superbowl Picks

Another Wednesday, another Roundtable. As the off-season progresses, football news regarding any team besides the Patriots and Giants is slowing down. Luckily for us, the Cardinals have managed to stay fairly active in the news. So, the ROTB Writing Staff tackled three questions surrounding currently trending topics.

Hit the jump for their answers, and don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comment section.

1) The Cardinals have re-opened talks with Todd Haley for the last vacant coaching job. They also interviewed Hue Jackson for that very same job earlier this week. Who would you rather have win the job, and join the Cardinals Coaching Staff?

Tyler Nickel: Due to his ties and former success with the Cardinals, I'd like to see Todd Haley get the QB coaching job. I would not be upset if Jackson were to be the one they hired, but I feel more comfortable with Haley.

Alex Mann: For me it's between Bruce Arians and Todd Haley. I have nothing against Hue, but Arians is more qualified for the position, while Haley has that attitude that pushes players. I'd rather go with Haley though.

Jess Root: Haley's familiarity with the offense and Ken Whisenhunt is initially the most appealing. However, Hue Jackson's body of work wins me over (at least if his goals match those of the coaching staff). Everywhere he has gone, he has done very impressive things. In Washington, he coached Stephen Davis' 1400+ yard season as RB coach. As Bengals WR coach, he saw Chad Ochocinco (then Johnson) and T.J. Houshmanzadeh become one of the best receiver tandems. In Baltimore as QB coach, he worked with Joe Flacco his first two seasons. They are looking for a guy to help develop the quarterbacks. Jackson has that track record.

JoeCB1991: If they are just going to be a QB coach then I would rather have Hue Jackson since he is more experienced with that. Haley is more of a guy who works with receivers and it wouldn't be the right fit for him. Now if we were replacing Miller I would rather have Haley.

Khodder: Neither of those mentioned really pique my interest as a QB coach. Bruce Arians would be my choice. He worked with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis during his rookie, 2nd and 3rd seasons in the league. I like Haley, but as a QB coach, where film work and technique work are far more important than the motivational side of things I would much rather a technician than rouser.

Jesse Reynolds: I am against bringing Haley back unless he is the OC which will not happen. No offense to Haley but I do not see him as a QB coach. Either Hue Jackson or Bruce Arians at this point, both have QB coaching experience and both have a ton of credibility.

2) Beanie Wells has officially announced that he will have surgery this week. With Ryan Williams also rehabbing his knee after surgery, do you think this could affect the run game in any way for next season?

Tyler Nickel: I think (and hope) that both guys will be healthy by the time training camp rolls around, so no, I don't think it will affect the Cardinals' run game in 2012.

Alex Mann: With Wells it shouldn't be a long term rehab. Darren Urban said the doc says it shouldn't effect his offseason work outs.

Jess Root: I have some concern. Both Wells and Williams will be coming off knee surgery. Obviously, it could affect them. However, with his Week 17 performance of 21 carries and 93 yards, I am mildly confident that LaRod Stephens-Howling could step in to be a feature back.

JoeCB1991: As long as they are healed up from their surgery when the season starts I think everything will be fine. I do see them splitting carries 60/40 to help keep their legs fresh.

Khodder: Williams has had plenty of time to rehab his injury and he should be fine and very close to 100% when Training Camp rolls around. Wells only had minor arthroscopic surgery to do a bit of cleaning in his knee. The only worry I have is that Wells could have another adverse reaction to something involved in the procedure as he did with his last knee ops and that cost him valuable time.

Jesse Reynolds: I am a bit worried. Though after watching Willis McGahee come back from his injury and still do well in the league I have some confidence that Ryan Williams will come back at full strength. With Beanie I am getting more and more nervous, he just always seems to have some kind of lingering injury. Hopefully he comes back 100% but I just do not think his career is going to be a long one.

3) New England Patriots or New York Giants? Who will be the biggest factor in the game?

Tyler Nickel: Patriots-Tom Brady.

Alex Mann: The Giants, for several reasons. It's in Indy, so the majority of people there are anti Patriots so it should be a "home game" for the giants. The other reason is that the Giants have a defense. The pats played well against the Ravens but got beat in key situations. So my pick is the Giants.

Jess Root: I've been saying that the Pats are taking it, but the more I think, the Giants should win. The took out the offensive juggernaut Packers and the defensive stud 49ers. They can score and they can get to the QB. So...I'm torn, since I think Tom Brady will be a big factor. Go figure.

JoeCB1991: The pass rush will be the biggest factor. Whichever team can get the most pressure on the other Quarterback will be the team that wins, just like in 07 when the Giants were constantly in Brady's face.

Khodder: The single biggest factor in the game in terms of a player for me has to be Rob Gronkowski. Antrell Rolle was taught numerous lessons in coverage by Vernon Davis who posted a 112 yards and 2 scores on only three receptions. Put Tom Brady back in the pocket and he will be able to dissect the Giants secondary. The biggest weapon the Giants have is their pass rush, but with three quality safety blankets in Hernandez, Gronkowski and Welker which I cannot help but feel is a reaction to how the Giants beat them in 2007 the 3 step drop game and the quick passing game is going to be used early and often by the Patriots.

Jesse Reynolds: I am going with the Patriots. The Pats D is bad and at one point had their backup slot WR trying to cover Boldin yet they still held tough and got a lucky win at the end of the game against a team that should have shut them down, especially with the way Brady played. I think the Giants are a better team talent wise, but I think the Patriots are the best coached team in the league. So I am going with the better QB and the better coached team.