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Kurt Warner To Host Reality Show On USA

It would seem that former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner is really, really done with his football career. After retiring following the 2009 season, he moved into the TV booth and has been working on NFL Network. Now he has taken his post-football career a step further, but continues with television. He is hosting a reality show called "The Moment" on the cable network USA.

The premise of the show is to give people a shot at their dream career.

"From race car driving to orchestra conducting to deep sea diving, they will leave behind the comforts of home and leap into a whirlwind of training," the cable network said. At the end of the training and the episode, the contestant (secretly nominated for the show by someone close to him or her) will have to choose whether or not to continue pursuing the career or go back to what they were doing.

As of now, the plan is for nine episodes.

The big question for you as Cardinals fans -- will you watch it? It is Kurt Warner, but it is a reality TV show. And if you are interested in watching it, is it more because of Warner or more because of the idea?

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