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Arizona Cardinals Free Agency: Should Early Doucet Be Re-Signed?

Yesterday in our new free agency series, we took a look at running back Chester Taylor and whether or not he should be brought back to the Arizona Cardinals. Due to the young depth and lack of success that Taylor had, 86% of the voters said that the Cards should let him walk. In all likelihood, that is exactly what Ken Whisenhunt and the front office will say as well.

Next up on the list is a figure that is a little bit more polarizing. Early Doucet was a pretty good wide receiver for the Cardinals in 2011, but should the Cardinals look to bring him back?

Doucet, by far, had his best season ever in his young career as a Cardinal. He was able to stay healthy throughout the season, playing in all 16 games for the first time. He also had 54 receptions for 689 yards and five touchdowns -- all career highs. It was the consistency, however, that may have some fans scratching their heads.

According to Pro Football Focus, Doucet had eight drops last season. Three of them came in the game in which the Cardinals let the Baltimore Ravens overcome what should have been an insurmountable lead. During some of the most important games, Doucet almost seemed invisible.

Against the Dallas Cowboys, for example, he had two receptions for a total of zero yards. In the final game of the season against the Seahawks, he had one catch for seven yards. Then there was the fatal trip in the end zone against the Bengals that costed the Cardinals a chance at a comeback victory.

Overall, I think that the Cardinals should let Doucet test the free agent market. He is currently an unrestricted free agent, which means that he is free to sign with any team. He would probably like to stay in Arizona, but will only do so for the right price.

Early may garner some interest around the league and if a team drops a lot of cash to bring him on, then Arizona should let him walk. But if he only receives some lukewarm offers, then the Cards may consider matching them and at that point, Doucet would likely choose to come back.

Andre Roberts really started to come on down the stretch and the Cardinals may even consider drafting a wide receiver that would be the perfect complement to Larry Fitzgerald. If that happens, then they might not even make an offer to Doucet.

What do you think? Should the Cardinals re-sign Early Doucet? Leave your comments below and don't forget to vote in the poll.

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