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Bucs Hire Greg Schiano As Head Coach, Could Cardinals WR Coach Join Him?

On Thursday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced they hired Rutgers University head coach Greg Schiano to be their next head coach, replacing Rahim Morris. While this normally isn't worth space on the front page of an Arizona Cardinals blog, this time it is.

Why is that?

It would be because the Cardinals' wide receivers coach, John McNulty, has worked closely with Schiano. Before McNulty joined Arizona, he was the offensive coordinator and QBs coach under Schiano at Rutgers from 2004-2008.

Since McNulty is already under contract and a move to Tampa would not be for a head coaching job, if the Bucs were to ask the team permission to speak with him, Arizona would not have to allow it (remember how the Steelers pulled off that move last offseason with the Cards?).

This bridge has not yet been crossed, but if you were Arizona, if Tampa were to come knocking and asking permission, would you allow it? You give a guy a contract so you can have stability on your coaching staff, but at the same time you want to foster the feeling in your staff that you support their growth and having opportunities to advance in the league. What would you do and what would you want if you were McNulty?

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