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Beanie Wells Injury Update: Knee Surgery Was 'Just A Scope'

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The other day we found out that Beanie Wells underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee in Florida. On Friday, he was back in the team facility to start his rehab work, according to Kent Somers. This is news, as it would indicate something not too terribly serious. Now, considering this is another knee surgery that he has undergone, there is reason for concern at his durability.

On the bright side, considering what he did this season, there should be no one that claims that he is soft and unwilling to play through injury.

Where does this surgery put Beanie for offseason workouts?

Wrote Somers:

If Wells progresses normally, it seems he will be able to take part in off-season work.

This is in contrast to Ryan Williams. He is recovering well, but likely will not be able to do anything when minicamp comes around. Training camp, though, should not be a problem.

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