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Did The Arizona Cardinals Do The Right Thing In Blocking Interview With John McNulty?

Saturday Arizona Cardinals fans learned that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wanted to interview wide receivers coach John McNulty for their offensive coordinator position, as he had worked with new head coach Greg Schiano while at Rutgers. They also learned that the Cardinals denied said interview request.

Now we don't know the exact reasons for it and that it has reportedly upset McNulty, who wants that position, but the Cardinals were well within their rights to block the interview. However, should they have?

Perhaps the team did not want to have to have a second position to fill on the coaching staff. Perhaps they see something in McNulty they want to keep around. Perhaps they simply wanted to do to a team what was done to them by the Pittsburgh Steelers just last year when they blocked Keith Butler from interviewing with the Cardinals for their defensive coordinator position.

I speculated that letting McNulty go could actually bolster the coaching staff. Todd Haley and another guy like Hue Jackson could be brought on.

There is a fine line the organization must toe when it comes to personnel. You want to have stability on a coaching staff and talent, but you want the coaches to feel like they are being supported in their goals of advancement. I don't know the answer with this situation. When a coach signs a contract, they should think about whether they want security or the ability to walk away when their shot comes for a promotion.

The question for you is to let us know whether or not the Cardinals should have blocked the interview. Is it worth disgruntling a guy on your staff and risk chemistry issues?

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