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Arizona Cardinals Impress In 2012 Pro Bowl

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You may or may not have watched the 2012 Pro Bowl. If you are looking for serious football, it was certainly not the game to watch. If you were looking for a fun bit of football with some of the biggest names in the league, ten you weren't disappointed. The AFC pulled away in the fourth quarter and win 59-41, but the players representing the Arizona Cardinals made an impact on the game.

Adrian Wilson: He didn't end up with anything in the standard box score, but he did make a play in coverage against tight end Antonio Gates, breaking up the pass. I know, most of you are thinking the same thing I did when I saw it. Why has he not been able to cover tight ends like that during the regular season over the past several years?

Larry Fitzgerald: Ho hum. Just another six catches, 111 yards and THREE TDs. He scored the first two of the game and also the last one. The three TDs set a career Pro Bowl record for TD receptions.

Just another feather in his cap.

Patrick Peterson: He had the most extensive effect. He gave up a TD to A.J. Green in the first quarter. He picked off a pass in the end zone. He had four tackles. He returned four kickoffs for an average of 30 yards, including one return of 48 yards. He also caught a pass. On a fourth down play, the NFC fake a punt and Andy Lee passed the ball to Peterson, who gained eight yards and got the first down.


We got to see the three players from the Cards this season. Darnell Dockett is already thinking positively. He tweeted that next year it will 15 Cardinals players.

Personally, I hope that not a single player can play next year because the team is in the Super Bowl.

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