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Arizona Cardinals Week 17 Bonehead Play: 4th Quarter Offense

Highs and lows, highs and lows. We've experienced more highs and lows in each weekly Cardinal game than a kid on ride at Six Flags! The bonehead plays this week go to the three and out at 2:17 left in the 4th Quarter. The play calling was terrible, pass-run-pass, and the running plays were so clearly drawn out it seemed like it was a replay "TE shift to the right side, then WR shift to right side, overload right with TE in motion". It worked the first two times, but on the third, fourth, and fifth times it resulted in little to no yardage.

From a 1st and 15 with that much time left I expected a run, quick pass slant, and then have the option of a play action for a big pass if needed, or bring in Smith or Taylor for the 3rd down back to get those last remaining yards. But instead, the Cardinals were only able to run 31 seconds off of the clock and were forced to punt the ball back to Seattle to start at the Seattle 39 yard line. The Cardinals Offense put the pressure on the Defense to once again save the team from a loss due to an inconsistent offense. Lucky for us all, the Defense answered the call and allowed the game to go to OT. The rest is history from there.

Runner up plays are; TE Rob Housler's fumble, Daryl Washington's failed INT, Skelton missing Fitzgerald for all but one pass in the first half, Marshay Green's coverage on the Seattle TD pass, and the number of personal fouls the Cardinals gave in this physical match up.

Did I miss anything?