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Cardinals Vs. Seahawks: Game Balls Go To...

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With the Arizona Cardinals completing their 8-8 season with a win over the Seattle Seahawks in overtime. As always, with a win, you can point to the performance of more than one, but some tend to stand out. For our community, it seems that the choice is clear in Larry Fitzgerald, who currently has 85 percent of the vote for the Cardinal of the Week poll.

You can imagine that Larry will be the overwhelming choice for the writers, too. See who gets game balls from our panel of writers.

Jess Root:

I'm going to go against the grain, but only because I know that Larry Fitzgerald is getting multiple game balls. My choice is the little guy, LaRod Stephens-Howling. Why? Because in his first ever game as a bona fide running back and carrying a full load, he showed that he could do it. He had 21 carries for 93 yards, one of the best rushing performances of the year by any back this season. He ran inside and out, and had his big play as well. It was only one game, but he showed that he could, in fact, be an every down back.

Tyler Nickel:

Larry Fitzgerald. Need I say more? The guy made spectacular catches in the most critical of times. He carried his team to victory, all while coughing up blood after getting injured. Fitz is just a remarkable player.

Alex Mann:

It comes down to Larry Fitzgerald and Daryl Washington, but Fitz edges him out because he battled through a lung and rib injury and still notched up 149 yards for the game while taking huge hits to his chest. This shows why Fitzgerald is one of the best wide receivers to play the game of football.


Larry Fitzgerald, because he has magic hands.

(I wonder if the ladies say the same thing...Sorry, I had to.)

Jesse Reynolds:

Larry Fitzgerald, he isn't human. He is something else.


There's no way Larry Fitzgerald doesn't deserve the gameball this week. He provided a seasons worth of spectacular catches in a single half. I will say though, Sam Acho is slowly becoming one of my favourite (Canadian alert!) players on defense.


It's easy to give it to Fitz, but I have to give it to LSH for almost getting 100 yards picking up some big blocks in pass coverage. 5' 7" and still going toe to toe with the big guys!

(Late amendment -- I include both to see the whole thought process)

I would like to change my game ball nomination. It has to go to Fitz for playing with a bruised lung and making all of those catches in the 4th and getting over 1400 yards for the fourth time in his career. Fitz = Unstoppable.

New game motto. If you're coughing up blood, it's time to play like a maniac!


I have to chime in with Larry Fitzgerald. He went over 1400 yards again, the fourth time in his career. And the catches he made in that game were amazing.


An obvious choice, Fitz, because without him I doubt we'd have won that game. The defense gets a shout-out for keeping us in the game.


The rest of you...what do you think of our almost unanimous choice?

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