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RotB 2010 Playoff Pick'em: Super Bowl XLVI

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The 2011 NFL comes to a close with Super Bowl XLVI, a deja vu game from Super Bowl Tyree three years ago. Tom Brady appears in his fifth Super Bowl and aims to reclaim the Lombardi Trophy that the New York Giants won from his Patriots in Arizona in SB XLIII. The local NorCal papers have dubbed it Super Bowl Weak and perhaps many really don't much care for either team, but 'ell, it's the bloody Super Bowl!!! So don't have something in common with the Forty Whiner fans, pick a team and make some noise Sunday, especially with RotB's Playoff Pick'em coming to an end. That farce of a exhibition football game known as the "Pro Bowl" this past Sunday will have left most participants feeling gypped. The scoring was high but the presentation was rather dull even if we did get one last taste of Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Wilson, and Patrick Petterson before the offseason. The NFC was the favourite among all but one particiant, with a 31-28 AFC prediction, tonyman121 earned the best Pick'em Point result of 9 points...because he was the only one to pick the AFC to win!!! As you can see below, the leader board is tight at the top and a very close prediction in the Super Bowl may be enough to win it all. IF your name is not in the table below, you missed a pick somewhere this post-season and will have to wait for RotB Pick'em to return in September. Best of luck, folks!

Overall Standings Through Pro Bowl Weekend

Username Pick'em Points
Jess Root 270
kj197728 261
robloosli 253
az78true 235
CardsFan08 217
JoeCB1991 214
don f 197
Tyler Nickel 196
cardinalbrown 165
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs 142
Drullin'OverDaCards 112
RottPhiler 110
tonyman121 94

Super Bowl XLV, Febuary 6, 2011

Away Home Time (ET) Network
NY Giants
6:30 PM NBC

Pro Bowl Results

Username AFC @ NFC (59/41) PP
Jess Root 38/48 -8
kj197728 31/38 -11
robloosli 45/49 -2
az78true 38/45 -5
CardsFan08 41/48 -5
JoeCB1991 45/58 -11
don f 38/41 -1
Tyler Nickel 35/45 -8
cardinalbrown 27/35 -18
Cuckoo for Coco Puffs 36/39 -5
Drullin'OverDaCards 31/45 -12
RottPhiler 35/45 -8
tonyman121 31/28 9