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Kevin Kolb's Concussion Issues Could Make Him Susceptible To More Head Injuries

Many people were disappointed in Kevin Kolb's first season with the Arizona Cardinals. Not only did he not play as well as expected, but he was out much of the year with injuries including turf toe and a concussion that he sustained while playing the division foe 49ers.

After becoming concussed, Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt stated that he didn't expect the head traumas to be a recurring issue and that Kolb would be able to come back without having to worry about becoming concussed again. According to Craig Morgan of Fox Sports Arizona, that might not exactly be the case.

In an interview with a neurosurgeon, Morgan discovered that a person who receives a concussion becomes more susceptible to getting one again. So far in his NFL career, Kolb has had two concussions and if the doctor that Morgan spoke with is correct, Cardinals fans might start becoming a little uneasy.

Entire careers have been destroyed because of multiple blows to the head. If you are an Arizona sports fan, (specifically, college sports), then you know the story behind former Arizona State quarterback, Steven Threet. Threet retired from the football team due to his concussion issues. Who's to say Kolb doesn't go down that same path?

The Cards relinquished quite a bit to obtain Kolb in the hopes that he could be the team's newest franchise QB. If he were rendered incapable of playing because of ongoing concussion issues, it would be a huge blow to not only the Cardinals franchise, but also to the entire NFL community.

So while we want to see Kolb on the field succeeding at what he was hired to do, we also know that he needs to take every precaution in making sure that he is healthy and truly ready to step back onto the field again. Concussions are a very serious condition and they need to be treated as such. Let's hope they don't become overwhelmingly serious for our favorite team's starting signal caller.

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