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Arizona Cardinals Free Agency: Is Vonnie Holliday Someone The Cards Should Bring Back?

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Most recently in the free agency series, I asked you, the readers, whether or not the Arizona Cardinals should re-sign Deuce Lutui to keep him in the desert. 62% of you said yes, while 37% of you believe that he still probably hasn't learned how to act like a true professional and therefore, should be allowed to walk.

Today, we shift away from the offensive line to look at a guy that would be staring them in the face if he were playing on another team. Vonnie Holliday was one of the many productive reserve defensive linemen for the Cardinals last season, but he is now set to become a free agent at the age of 36. So barring an unforeseen retirement announcement, should the Cards bring Holliday back?

Arizona acquired Holliday from the Washington Redskins after trading running back Tim Hightower. At first, Holliday wasn't even sure if he wanted to continue playing, as he didn't really feel like travelling all the way across the country to play another NFL season in a different uniform. The Cardinals were to become his sixth stop during his time around the league.

In the end, Holliday came to Arizona and he had a very productive season backing up the likes of Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell. He only played 158 snaps, according to Pro Football Focus, but he seemed to make some sort of an impact on every one of them.

PFF gave him a positive grade both in run defense and pass rushing. He did not register a sack on the season, but he was able to hit the QB three times and he caused four total pressures. His best week as a Cardinal came in the final game of the season against the Seattle Seahawks. In that match, Holliday had two QB hits and five of his 14 total tackles in 2011.

Although Holliday didn't play much, his presence on and off the field make him a prime candidate for another contract. Savvy veterans like him don't come around everyday, so I think it would behoove the Cards to at least consider bringing him back for another season. He obviously would not be a huge hit against the cap, so I fail to see the downside of giving him another year.

What do you think, Cardinals fans? Should your favorite team re-sign the veteran defensive lineman? Let us know in the comments section below and vote in the poll.

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