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Vonnie Holliday Talks About Being Old With Dan LeBatard

On Monday we asked the question whether Vonnie Holliday should return to the Arizona Cardinals in 2012. It just so happened to be that on Monday afternoon Holliday was on ESPN for a segment on Dan Lebtard's show with his dad.

The part that was the most entertaining was the story he tells about how this past season he felt really old.

It was against the Cleveland Browns and he read what the play was going to be. Of course, that game it was the very athletic and mobile Seneca Wallace that started the game. Holliday sniffed out the play and chased Wallace to his right. Holliday was huffing and puffing as fast as he could and Wallace basically toyed with him as he rolled ouot towards the sideline, threw the ball away and ran out of bounds. He then promptly mocked Holliday for being so old and slow.

As has been mentioned previously, Holliday was a great influence as veteran leader on the Cardinals defense. He is a high character man, and this is quite evident in the interview.

Catch the whole thing below. If you are like me, you will be entertained some and be left respecting the guy all at once.

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