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Sounds Like Ken Whisenhunt Would Like Levi Brown To Return For 2012

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The Arizona Cardinals have a pair of important contract decisions to make over the next couple of months. One is to give Calais Campbell a new one, and the other is to decide what to do about Levi Brown's big deal. While there certainly is a large contingency of fans that would like Brown to be shown the door, as he has become their favorite scapegoat, his departure does not seem a certainty.

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt, for one, seems to want him back for next season.

Said Whiz:

"We're always going to look for opportunities to make our team better and hopefully, Levi will be a part of that."

We know that Whisenhunt drafted Brown with his very first draft pick. He seems to have a soft spot for the offensive tackle. He is one of the very few rookies to start from day one. He also has been immune to the bench, no matter his performance on the field.

Perhaps that is simply because he has been their best option at the position.

Perhaps he is unfairly the whipping boy of all that is wrong with the Cardinals.

What Whiz said is definitely not saying that Brown will be back with his current contract. I don't think there is any way that happens.

But, based on what the coach said, it wasn't a case of "we are glad with what he did" or "he has been an important piece" and leave it at that. He openly said he would like to see him back on the team.

Big contract or not that says something about Brown as a person and a player. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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