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Calais Campbell And A New Contract With Arizona Cardinals Seem Like Perfect Fit

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Aside from the decision on Levi Brown and his current contract, the number one free agent decision the Arizona Cardinals have is to get Calais Campbell re-signed. The defensive lineman was a beast this past season with sacks, tackles and blocked field goals. He disrupted opposing teams relentlessly.

Fans want him back, and it seems that the team does. What does Campbell think?

SB Nation Arizona spoke with him on the matter and seemingly was the only one to do so this week.

"I'm not sure how close we are. I feel like we're communicating, trying to get something worked out," Campbell said. "I feel like we'll figure something out though. This is a great organization and I love being a Cardinal so, can't beat that."

What about the head coach?

Ken Whisenhunt wants him back. "He had a great year for us and we're looking forward to having many more years with Calais to come" he told the media.

So the team wants him and he wants to be back. Sounds like a no-brainer.

The truth is, the public discussion of the topic is vaguely familiar to the offseason and preseason. The team said that they wanted Larry Fitzgerald back. He said he wanted to be back. They said that talks were progressing.

Hopefully the ending is the same as with Fitz (although hopefully not that much money) and Campbell will be a Cardinal for a long time.

If anything else, we know that he is almost certainly going to be back for at least another season. If no long-term deal is struck in time, the team will likely use the franchise tag on him, which would reportedly pay him about $10.6 million for next season.

If it comes to that and no deal is ever agreed upon, it will definitely be disappointing.

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