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Larry Fitzgerald, ranked 9th on Mike Sando's MVP Blog

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At first thought it may not be that impressive to be ranked 9th on a MVP list. It says that you have practically no shot to win and in this case it is particularly true with Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees leading the way. But it is an indication how well Larry Fitzgerald played this season. Only Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson made the list, both deserving, but especially Larry considering the phenomenal season he had with sub-par to average QB play.

Mike Sando every week complies an MVP list and gives his reasons and the players last week performance. Here are his reasons for why Larry is ranked 9th in the MVP debate:

There are no players from losing teams on the final MVP Watch of the 2011 season. Fitzgerald put together a career year despite continued instability at quarterback in Arizona. His nine-catch, 149-yard game against Seattle in Week 17 was among the more memorable performances of his career. Fitzgerald suffered a bruised lung and was spitting up blood. Medical personnel even checked him for a concussion at one point. Fitzgerald dropped only one pass all season. The three other players with at least 150 targets combined for 22 drops, including 14 by Roddy White. Fitzgerald joined Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss as the only players with four 1,400-yard seasons.

There are two things that pop out about this. The first being that Larry had only one drop all season. All Cardinals fans and most NFL football fans know that Larry is a monster, a beast, something unworldly but to have only drop all season? With Kevin Kolb often too scared to throw to him in double coverage and John Skelton often not able to even get the ball to him it is an amazing stat. The stat is particularly amazing in that no other WR of his caliber had numbers even close. Sometimes I wonder why people even argue who the best WR in football is, isn't it obvious?

The second and the most profound stat is that only 3 other players in NFL history have had four 1,400 yard seasons and all of them are HOFers or are soon to HOFers. This stat, to me, basically says Fitzgerald is already HOF material. And to think the guy has only had a few years of a good QB.

On the topic of HOF, so far the 27 year old Larry Fitzgerald has accumilated these career stats plus what he is on pace for if he plays another 6 years to 33 (he will probably play even longer)
693 receptions, on pace for 1212 receptions (39th all-time, on pace for 2nd all-time) | 9,615 yards, on pace for 16,827 (40th all-time, on pace for 2nd all time) | 73 TD's, on pace for 127 (tied 30th all-time, on pace for 6th all-time).
(Math: Current # divided by years played times 6)

Larry is by and far the best WR currently playing in the NFL and is one pace to lock himself in as the second best WR to ever play the game. I hope that our QB situation figures its self out and gives Fitzgerald the opportunity to compete with Jerry Rice atop the list of all-time greats because he certainly has the ability to do so.