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What Team Are Arizona Cardinals Fans Rooting For In NFC?

As the NFL playoffs are about to start, I received an interesting question from fellow SB Nation writer. The Arizona Cardinals are not in the playoffs, and it is natural to root for a particular team that is still in, or if you have make picks or placed a wager of some sort, you have a vested interest in the outcome. So the question is this:

With the Arizona Cardinals not in the playoffs, what NFC team are you rooting for?

The writer (James Brady from Niners Nation, who also writes for other of the SB Nation sites) tweeted this to ask and elaborate:

Interested to know how @TurfShowTimes@FieldGulls and @revengeofbirds are rooting in playoffs. Recall 49ers fans rooting for NFCW once out.
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I know that Cardinals fans are not generally fans of the San Francisco 49ers. Do you set that hate aside for the playoffs for the good of the NFC West?

Is there another team you hope makes it, or do you root for a player instead?

Personally, because of my passion as a fan, I cannot root for the Niners now. I just can't do it. It's like like my college allegiance. No matter what happens, as an Arizona State alum and fan, I cannot wish any good thing upon the University of Arizona.

In discussing the matter with other people, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to rivalries, only the casual fan cheers for a division rival to do well. If you are heavily invested in one team emotionally, the rival teams bring up feelings of hate. You just can't cheer for that team unless there is a player or group of players you respect greatly.

Alex Smith is the Niners' QB. I don't have great respect for him. I can't root for the no matter how much I try.

What team is my favorite in the NFC? The New Orleans Saints -- because of Drew Brees.

The question now yours -- what NFC team do want to represent the conference in the Super Bowl?

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