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Cardiac Cards Finish Season As One Of NFL's Hottest Teams

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We know that the Arizona Cardinals finished their season 8-8 with their 23-20 overtime victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Week 17. With the win, they also accomplished a couple of other things. We know they clinched second place in the NFC West, but what else did they achieve?

Arizona finished 7-2 on their last nine games. Only three teams had a better record over the same period. They happen to be three of the best teams in football. The Green bay Packers, New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots were better, at 8-1, to end the season.

Imagine if the Cards had been able to sneak into the playoffs. Just imagine the feeling around the league. They would officially that team that no one wants to face.

Now, had they made it, they likely would have been facing the New Orleans Saints on the road, and that would have been a tall task, as they seem to be unbeatable at home, but it would have been a true test of their defense.

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