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Who Is You Favorite NFL Player Not On The Cardinals?

Jess Root just wrote this story and it inspired me to ask everyone who their favorite players are that are not on the Cardinals.

In the comments section feel free to list any player from any-time from any team. Provide a quick explanation. Maybe even start a little controversy and say why they are better than other players of the same position!

If you feel so obliged, please hit the recommend link on a player you enjoy. If it is possible we can try and create a poll and find out who Revenge of the Birds favorite non-Cardinal player is!

For myself:

Patrick Willis: He is the best MLB in the game and always plays hard. I wanted to draft him out of college... Damn you Levi Brown!

Jared Allen: After watching his crib episode I liked him. His weirdness reminds me of Dockett. Plus he is a freak. I really wanted him to beat Micheal Strahans NFL sack record.

Champ Bailey: This guy is the most underrated defense player in the NFL. The guy has been killing it since he entered the league and despite his age he is still killing it. In my holy opinion he may be the best CB to have ever played the game. Yeah, I went there!

Here is just a few. I am sure like many of you who are fans of football and the NFL in general you will have ton!