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Madden NFL 12: Arizona Cardinals End Of The Season Roster

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

No roster update last week for Madden 12 due to a Christmas Break at EA, but we get an update this week with plenty of changes.

Today, EA Sports released the ratings that will be available online tomorrow morning for those of of who own the game to download. We will take a quick look at some of the changes after the jump.

Lets start off with the increases. Six cardinals saw boosts with Richard Marshall seeing the biggest one going up from a 76 to an 80. Anthony Sherman also saw his first update of the season going up three points. Holliday, Washington, Bridges and Sendlein were among the other boosts.

For the decreases, Campbell (two inconsistent games to end the season according to PFF), Bradley, Hadnot, Doucet, and Schofield each saw slight decreases.

I don't know if there will be any more changes for the Cardinals in upcoming roster updates, but if there are any I will let you know.

Here is the list showing all of the ratings changes, and if there is anything you think should be changed in the ratings, tell Donny Moore the guy for EA Sports who handles the ratings changes. This is his Twitter account and he does listen to what fans tell him about who should go up or down each week.

O’Brien Schofield LB ARZ Decrease, from 73 to 72OVR
Early Doucet WR ARZ Decrease, from 75 to 74OVR
Stewart Bradley LB ARZ Decrease, from 78 to 75OVR
Rex Hadnot OL ARZ Decrease, from 79 to 78VR
Calais Campbell DL ARZ Decrease, from 88 to 87OVR
Anthony Sherman FB ARZ Increase, from 69 to 72OVR
Vonnie Holliday DL ARZ Increase, from 74 to 75OVR
Jeremy Bridges OL ARZ Increase, from 76 to 78OVR
Richard Marshall CB ARZ Increase, from 76 to 80OVR
Lyle Sendlein OL ARZ Increase, from 77 to 79OVR
Daryl Washington LB ARZ Increase, from 84 to 85OVR