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1/7/12 Around The Rest Of The NFC West: Hall Of Fame Candidates, All-Pro Team, More Jeff Fisher And Rams Coordinators

In the latest of links from around the team blogs of the rest of the NFC West, there is still the latest of Jeff Fisher and the Rams coaching search. It appears that Fisher is all but a done deal and the attention can be turned to the hiring of coordinators. The NFL All-Pro Teams were announced, but that doesn't affect the Rams.

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San Francisco 49ers:

2012 NFL Playoffs: 49ers And Honey Badger Don't Give A ..... - Niners Nation
When it comes to entertainment, I don't really ask for a whole lot in life. As the 49ers get ready for the 2012 NFL Playoffs, Jaymee Sire put together a fun feature for CSN Bay Area about the honey badger. If you haven't seen the honey badger YouTube video, you have to check it out. It's simply bizarre and awesome.

AP 2011 NFL All-Pro Team: Justin Smith Is A Badass - Niners Nation
I really don't have a ton to say in this post. 49ers fans already knew Justin Smith was awesome, but yesterday the rest of the world had a chance to take notice. The Associated Press announced their 2011 NFL All-Pro teams and Justin Smith was named first team All Pro at defensive tackle. Although he spends most of his time at defense end, Smith is often referred to as a defensive tackle since a lot of these teams are 4-3 based. We saw it with the Pro Bowl rosters and so it was fitting he was named a first team All-Pro at that position.

2012 NFL Playoffs: Defining, Managing, and Holding Playoff Expectations - Niners Nation
Every long-term 49ers fan should be a spoiled brat this season. Every fan should be spoiled going into the postseason. When this season started pretty much every man, woman, and child on this site was prognosticating a 9-7 season - and this was hopeful prognostication! "Boy," people I don't care to look up and site accurately would say, "oh boy, if we win nine games, then I think we win the division." Well guess what. They were totes magotes right. 9-7 would have done it. That would have been the ticket to the proverbial dance.

2012 Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalists: Eddie DeBartolo, Charles Haley Make Final 17 - Niners Nation
We take a look at the 49ers who made the Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist list.

Seattle Seahawks:

A Look at Green Bay QB Matt Flynn, Part I - Field Gulls

It seems kind of inevitable that Matt Flynn is going to dominate much of this off-season's conversations for Seahawks fans. He's that quarterback backup that has become available and that tons of quarterback-hungry fanbases hope will magically make their QB woes disappear. This is where we cite Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel or Brad Johnson as historical examples why this doesn't work. Or where we cite Matt Hasselbeck or Steve Young as historical examples why it does work. Or we recognize that sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, and just figure it case-for-case from there. Blog | Tez finalist for Hall of Fame "
For the fourth consecutive year, Cortez Kennedy is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And for the fourth consecutive year, the Seahawks former Pro Bowl defensive tackle faces some tough competition in making it to the class that will be inducted this year.

St. Louis Rams:

Jeff Fisher Close To A Deal With The St. Louis Rams? - Turf Show Times

The St. Louis Rams and the Miami Dolphins are still dancing with Jeff Fisher, but the clock may be close to midnight. There are conflicting reports bouncing around, but the latest says that Fisher is close to picking the Rams, according to Howard Balzer of 101 ESPN.

What Jeff Fisher Would Bring to the St Louis Rams - Turf Show Times
With that news heating up the air waves, I wanted to talk a little bit about what this could mean for the Rams moving forward, and also about what Fisher will bring to an organization that has been desperate for an experienced Head Coach for quite some time.

Josh McDaniels To New England; You Can Always Go Home - Turf Show Times
The New England Patriots have hired Josh McDaniels following his one-year, ill-fated stint as the St. Louis Rams' offensive coordinator. Adam Schefter reported the news on Saturday, one day after the Patriots asked for and received permission to speak with McDaniels, who was still under contract with the Rams.

Is Jeff Fisher Close Enough With The Rams That We Can Already Talk About Potential Assistants? - Turf Show Times
The word on the street continues to be that Jeff Fisher is very close to picking the St. Louis Rams for his next head coaching job. Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network was the latest to hint at that possibility. Fisher is close enough to making a decision, that speculation about his coordinators has already begun.

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