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Arizona Cardinals ROTB Week In Review, 1/8/12

You can search the archives, or if you haven't read everything over the week, here is a compilation of links to stories from the site this week.

Catch up on any you may have missed!

2012 NFL Schedule: Arizona Cardinals Home And Road Opponents Set - Revenge of the Birds
A final look at the Arizona Cardinals' 2012 opponents.

Arizona Cardinals 2011-12 Season: A Story Of 'What Ifs' And What It Could Have Been - Revenge of the Birds
Let's take a moment to sit back and think about some of the things that could have happened to help make this Cardinals 2011-12 season a more productive one.

2012 Arizona Cardinals Five Round Mock Draft With Needs - Revenge of the Birds

What should the Arizona Cardinals do with regards to the 2012 draft?

Arizona Cardinals 2011 Season: Who Wins The Rookie Of The Year Award? - Revenge of the Birds

Who should win the rookie of the year award for the Arizona Cardinals? Here's an in-depth look at some of the candidates, along with the writer's take on who should win.

Calais Campbell And A New Contract With Arizona Cardinals Seem Like Perfect Fit - Revenge of the Birds

A look at some quotes by Calais Campbell and Ken Whisenhunt about Campbell's contract situation.

Sounds Like Ken Whisenhunt Would Like Levi Brown To Return For 2012 - Revenge of the Birds

A look at a quote by Ken Whisenhunt that could give insight on the likelihood of the return of Levi Brown.

What Is Most To Blame For Bad Start To 2011 Season For Arizona Cardinals? - Revenge of the Birds

Looking back at the 2011 season, we try to pinpoint the biggest factor leading to the terrible start of the season that the Arizona Cardinals had.

ROTB Roundtable: Credit, Blame, and Off-season goals - Revenge of the Birds

Although the season is over for the Arizona Cardinals, the questions surrounding them aren't. The ROTB Writing Staff's attempt to answer three of those many questions.

2 Arizona Cardinals Recognized For Play Against Seahawks: Larry Fitzgerald And Vonnie Holliday (!) - Revenge of the Birds

Looking at who of the Arizona Cardinals made the ALL-PFF team.

Cardiac Cards Finish Season As One Of NFL's Hottest Teams - Revenge of the Birds

The Arizona Cardinals finished the season as one of the best teams in football.

Arizona Cardinals Sign 9 Players To Future Contracts - Revenge of the Birds

Meet our new Arizona Cardinals. Can they make next years 53 man roster?

NFL Rumors: Todd Haley Could Return To The Arizona Cardinals - Revenge of the Birds

Looking into the rumor that Todd Haley might possibly return to the Arizona Cardinals.

More On Arizona Cardinals Future Contract Signings - Revenge of the Birds

Nine players are signed to future contracts with the Cardinals. What does this mean?

Arizona Cardinals Have Two All-Pro Players - Revenge of the Birds

Two Arizona Cardinals were named All-Pros, one to the first team. A look at who they were and whether they should have been.

Ray Horton Impresses At Rams Head Coach Interview, But All Signs Point To Jeff Fisher - Revenge of the Birds

Why might Cardinals fans be able to breathe easier regarding the St. Louis Rams coaching vacancy?