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Todd Haley Reunion With Arizona Cardinals Reportedly Coming Soon

After much speculation by media members and fans, it seems that Todd Haley, fired as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, is getting closer to returning to the Arizona Cardinals to join the offensive staff. NFL reporter Jason LaCanfora tweeted that it was coming soon:

Sounds like Todd Haley will be back on the Cards offensive coaching staff by next week. Makes sense for all parties #insideslant
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This was not without other rumors out there.

Early Saturday Adam Schefter tweeted that Haley and former Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano could team up tobecome a package deal for a team, with Haley handling the passing game and Sparano the running game. The two had those duties while assistants with the Dallas Cowboys.

At the same time, though, the New York Jets could be interested in Sparano should Brian Schottenheimer decide to leave the team. Rumors have New York being interested in Sparano or Dirk Koetter, OC of the Jacksonville Jaguars and former head coach of Arizona State. That would quickly diffuse the Sparano/Haley team.

If Haley does come back, it would seem like one of the two Millers on the Cardinals' offensive staff would leave. It seems that Haley would come in as offensive coordinator, causing Mike Miller to be reassigned or let go. He could move to a position coach, such as QB, but then Chris Miller would be without a job unless reassigned.

Which Miller would go, or would either leave? We have no idea. Chris Miller did get consideration for a head coaching position in college -- Southern Oregon.

Again, nothing is more than rumors, but it is seeming more and more certain that Haley will be back calling plays for the 2012 season.

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