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1-8-12 Around The NFC West: Divisional Playoffs, Draft Needs And Other Notes

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Well... It's been some time since I last wrote one of these. AP Homework really piles on you. Anyways... Yet again again all the teams are in different positions. Our beloved Cardinals are watching at home as are the Seattle Seahawks, and St. Louis Rams, but unlike them we're not looking for a new QB, or Head Coach. The Niners are getting ready for next weeks match up against the New Orleans Saints. Hit the jump to find out what's up in the West.

Seattle Seahawks:

Seattle Seahawks: Re-Viewing the 2011 Season, Introduction - Field Gulls

Looking back on the Seahawks 2011 campaign.

2012 NFL Draft: Potential OLB "Targets" for the Seahawks - Field Gulls

OLB draft hopefuls for Seattle Seahawk fans.

The Seahawks 2011 Season: Penalty Review, Introduction - Field Gulls

The Seahawks 2011 Season: Penalty Review, Introduction

St. Louis Rams:

Questions About L.A. Move Concern Jeff Fisher - Turf Show Times

The St. Louis Rams are said to be close to hiring Jeff Fisher as their next head coach, but there's one last hang up.

Rams Coaching Changes, Free Agent - Wants, Needs - Mock Draft, and 2012 Roster - Turf Show Times

Rams fans take a look at the changes required for them to return to the top tier in the West.

Reading The Tea Leaves On Jeff Fisher - Turf Show Times

The signs are pointing to Jeff Fisher signing a deal with the St. Louis Rams.

Jeff Fisher Visits Rams Park Today - Meeting with Sam Bradford in Afternoon - Turf Show Times

Jeff Fisher Meeting with Sam Bradford

San Francisco 49ers:

2012 NFL Playoffs: Time To Prove Nobody Has It Better Than Us - Niners Nation

Taking a look at the Niners post game speaches all season long.

2012 NFL Playoffs: Home Teams All Advance - Niners Nation

Will it be these same teams that advance next week?

49ers Vs. Saints: Early Weather Report Calls For Sprinklers - Niners Nation

The potential weather forecast for the Niners and Saints.

49ers Vs. Saints Odds: Line Opens With New Orleans As Three Point Favorite - Niners Nation

Saints come out as the three point favorites.